Astronomy Science – Past & Present

Curiosity has led man into wanting to know more about the universe. Since the earth is just but one of the many heavenly bodies, we definitely would want to know more about the other “things’ in the sky. That is how astronomy came about. It involves the study of celestial objects. These include things like stars, moons, asteroids, planets, galaxies comets and nebulae.

Astronomy has been very helpful in understanding how the heavenly bodies work. For instance, how long it takes for a comet to pass through earth’s sky. How the moon depends on the earth, and how the earth depends on the sun, and so on ans so forth. I mean who doesn’t want to learn about the milky way galaxy?

For Astronomy to be successful, a lot of observations have to be made of the night sky. This can be done of cos by use of the natural eye, as is with the case of stars formations over the months. However, some of the heavenly bodies are too far, and the naked natural eye becomes impossible to view detailed things. That’s when the telescope comes in when naming a star. Nowadays we even have spacecraft, artificial satellites and space probes among others.

Astronomy is a discipline that has been around for long. It is not just a today thing. In the historical past, it included disciplines such as making of calendars, celestial navigation, adopt a star, astrometry and observational astronomy.

Observational astronomy works by acquiring data through observations of objects that are astronomical. Basic principles of physics are then used to analyze the data. Astronomy is also theoretical. It usually involves the development of computers to help in the description of phenomena.

Astronomy is still very active. This follows the various discoveries that it has been making in the past. For instance, we have the discoveries on the planets, and their numbers. More details about Pluto have also been brought up in the recent past thanks to astronomy.

There is more to come from astronomy. The advancement of technology is making it easier and possible for space shift to be sent to far in the sky to record data on the various heavenly bodies. The universe is so fascinating plus there is still a lot that we don’t know, that is why astronomy is still active day and night. To help come up with some answers to the very many bizarre and weird things that we sometimes see/hear in the sky.